Women’s Shapewear: How to Wear It

Women's Shapewear: How to Wear It

With so many shapewear options available, it can be difficult to know where to begin looking for the particular pieces you desire that will meet all of your special requirements. Learning the ins and outs of wearing shapewear will help you save time and navigate the entire procedure.

1. Put it on with your measurements in mind.

Too many women wear the incorrect bra size, which undermines any attempts your shapewear makes to flatter your specific dimensions. Take the time to have your measurements taken properly so that the goods you buy will fit you perfectly and perform their intended function.

2. It Should Be Worn Discreetly

The typical approach to shapewear is to wear it beneath your clothes undetectably, creating the desired illusion of a smaller, more toned look. Thankfully, these types have come a long way in terms of comfort, allowing you to breathe while still getting the benefits. Nude shapewear may be hidden under a variety of outfits and is always a safe bet.

3. Wear it out in the open

You’re in luck if you’ve ever wished that your clothes could modify your figure like shapewear can. Our Colombian jeans and smocked day dresses do double duty in terms of keeping you appearing trendy and sleek.

4. Wear it to accentuate your best features

Shapewear does more than just smooth and refines issue regions; it also adds natural-looking volume where you want it. Is it necessary to have a bigger chest for your low-cut dress to fit properly? Is your new pencil skirt begging for a little more back curvature? To achieve that lovely hourglass form, use bust enhancers, and butt lifts.

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5. Put it on to Make Room in Your Wardrobe

Trends are designed to be attempted, and clothing is meant to be fun! Don’t put those strapless dresses, strappy tank tops, and tight skirts to the side just because you don’t know how to wear the correct undergarments with them. Shapewear options exist to manage everything in your wardrobe, whether you need to minimize panty lines or support your breast in a plunging gown.

6. Wear it with Self-Assuredness

Never be afraid to wear shapewear; wear it with pride, knowing that it enhances your body’s natural beauty and shows that you care about your overall appearance. Feeling your best translates to looking your best, and shapewear is a useful tool for confronting each day with confidence.

“We are really happy to be women,” says Carine Roitfeld, former editor-in-chief of Vogue Paris. “Even if we’re wearing pants, I usually wear them with some lace underwear or a very feminine bra – I adore that.” What you wear underneath your clothes has a significant impact on how you feel in them, and we have a wide selection of things to help you look and feel your best.