Which Shapewear Is Best For Tummy Control?

Which Shapewear Is Best For Tummy Control

I received an email today from a lovely lady who asked, “What is the finest shapewear for stomach control?”

This is a difficult question to answer because it is very dependent on the size and shape of your tummy. Our tummies come in various sizes and forms, but we all have one thing in common: we don’t like our stomachs.

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Tummy Shapes: What They Are and What They Aren’t

The tummy of the Little Sticky Out Pooch

This section is for you if you are normally slender but have a small stomach bulge that refuses to go away no matter how many sit-ups you perform. My older sister is the one on the left. She is beautiful and thin, but she is obsessed with her tiny stomach. I swear it’s a Michelin man-style tire around her waist in her head. When, in fact, it is barely noticeable and looks pretty great!

However, especially with terrifying gowns like bodycon, you still want it to be smaller. SMALL shapewear is the type of shapewear you should be looking at. Don’t go overboard with your outfit, and concentrate solely on the belly area.

With an itsy bitsy control thong or a cute little pair of slimming leggings, you can easily get away with it. These will give you a good bit of tummy control by flattening and smoothing out your pooch.

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3 Shapewear Solutions For You To Try


The Spare Tyre Tummy

The most prevalent variety of spare tyre tummy is the spare tyre tummy (sorry to call lots of you common, but you are amongst friends). A lack of core body strength frequently causes this type of stomach. If you don’t get enough exercise and spend your days sitting in front of a computer, you’re likely to have a spare tyre tummy.

Shapewear can easily conceal the spare tyre tummy. You don’t have to go for something too extreme; solid control would be enough. It’s simple to put on, comfortable to wear all day, and instantly conceals your spare tyre tummy. To avoid spilling over the top of your shapewear, choose a style with a high waist.

3 Shapewear Solutions For You To Try


The Kangaroo Pouch Or Apron Tummy – Also Called A Mummy Tummy

This one belongs to me! I’m a middle-aged woman with two children (no, I’m not going to tell you how old I am; it’s getting THAT large). So many gorgeous females I know have told me that they, too, have this type of belly. It’s a kind of swaying flap that hangs down and makes me unhappy. Mine isn’t quite there yet, but I swear I’m going to have to tuck it into my underpants in a few years. It’s happened to me before, on particularly bad greeting cards!

EXTRA FIRM control and BIG shapewear are the only ways to cover a belly like mine. There is too much for anything small. Thus things must be encased and contained.

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3 Shapewear Solutions For You To Try


The Wine Tummy


The female equivalent of a beer belly is the wine tummy. Beer and wine are only two of the many items that can trigger it. The wine tummy is one of those tummies that is always round and sticky. It’s better than the apron tummy in some aspects because it’s less lumpy and bumpy. However, it is still something that many of us would like to see less of.

Giving your tummy more definition is the best technique to camouflage a beer belly. And for that, you’ll need a waist cincher. With boning, you’ll have complete control, and this will draw you in and flatten you out, giving you a more twisted and less round appearance.