What Swimwear Is Best For My Body Shape?


It’s hot, it’s vacation time, and you’re probably desiring a trip to the beach or, at the very least regular trips to the pool. You don’t have to hold back or deny yourself your desires because you don’t have a bikini body.

When it comes to choosing swimwear for your body type, it’s all about finding the right combination to make you feel lovely, supported, and utterly flawless in the sun! Boux Avenue believes that swimwear should ‘fit like lingerie’ and be as fashionable as lingerie. So, when the swimsuits and the sun come out, here are our exclusive ideas for embracing what you love about yourself.

So, what kind of body do you have?

#1 Pear Shaped

Smaller busts and wider hips characterize pear-shaped bodies. Instead of hiding your healthy bottom, pay attention to the top with this clever method. Your new best friend is a bandeau top. Bikini tops with deep cuts, tie-ups, and ruffles are popular. Bright colors can also be used. Avoid boyshorts bikinis; while they may appear to help cover your bottom, the extra fabric attracts more attention to it.

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Combine and contrast

Look for bikinis that can be mixed and matched. A plain bottom paired with a colorful or patterned top will draw attention to your breast and offer a lovely feeling of visual balance to your lovely shape. Color blocking is a timeless trend that will never go out of style!

Legs should be made longer.

Because they extend the figure, high-cut legs are oh-so-flattering for pears. This will give the impression that you have long legs, make you appear taller, and highlight the contour of your beautiful curves.

Attract the Eye’s Attention Upwards

Halter bikinis direct the eye upwards and emphasize smaller waistlines. A lovely off-the-shoulder shirt or a fashionable cut-out top will also draw attention upward!

#2 Apple Shaped

The top of an apple-shaped body is fundamentally thick. With the correct suit, a curved bust and a larger tummy can be readily maintained. Choose a bodysuit with a tummy-flattering design. Halters and strapless styles are not to be avoided. They’ll accentuate your lovely contours. Color blocking can also attract attention to your greatest features, with bright colors used where you want the eyes to go and dark colors used to tone down other areas.

Construct an Illusion

Swimsuits with ruching on the sides or in the middle help give the appearance of a cinched-in waist. Your thin hips and legs will be highlighted with high-cut bottoms.

Retro is back in style.

To assist in flattening the tummy, wear high-waisted bikini bottoms that end above the belly button. The bust will be lifted and supported by a well-fitting halter top, creating the impression of a longer torso.

Feeling Helped

If you’re self-conscious about your midriff, a shaping swimsuit or one with discreet hidden support will provide you with extra coverage while also supporting you.

#3 Ruler Shape

The exquisite athletic frame is straight up and down’ body type – and it’s a terrific one to dress because equilibrium is so easy to attain! You can emphasize your beach style with lots of attractive colors, patterns, and cuts with little size between the shoulders, waist, and hips. Celebrities like Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Aniston, and Jessica Biel provide great fashion inspiration.

Play with your appearance

You may get away with less support and have a lot of fun with bright colours, dramatic patterns, frills, and ruching because you have a smaller bust. As the upper portion of your bikini, try a bandeau or a crop top.

Take a Chance

In a one-piece swimsuit, take advantage of the fact that you’ll need less support and opt for a plunging deep V neckline. For smaller busts, it’s sexy and flattering!

Curve Enhancement

Bright colors, strong designs, and frills add volume to your breast and hips, giving the illusion of a broader curve. Try a one-piece with keyhole cut-outs or asymmetric shape for something fashionable and unique. The wavy cut-outs provide the look of a more curvy form.

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#4 Hourglass Shape

The womanly hourglass form is balanced yet curvaceous with a big bust, round hips, and a tiny waist. Kim Kardashian, Scarlett Johansson, and Kelly Brook are fashion queens who know how to work their hourglass figures.

Accept the Classics

On a balanced, curved hourglass form, a traditional bikini with a bra-style top looks stunning. Adding glitzy decoration or details to your traditional bikini will give it a modern spin.

You Should Support Your Bust

Tops with under-wiring and wider fastening straps are ideal for this body type since they provide extra support.

Silhouettes can be made in a variety of ways.

With high-waisted bikini bottoms, taller hourglass forms look fantastic. You may achieve a true ‘bombshell’ silhouette by pairing it with a sweetheart neckline.

#5 Carrot Shape

Long, slender legs, narrow hips, a larger breast, and lovely, broad shoulders characterize the ‘carrot’ or inverted triangle body form. It’s crucial to maintain your look balanced when choosing swimwear.

Let’s hear it for the Stripes!

Horizontal stripes elongate the hips and balance out larger shoulders, making them appealing on carrot shapes.

Change it up a bit

Carrot body types, like pears, have the perfect shape for combining. To create a balanced visual frame, choose separates with brighter colors and patterns on the bottom half.

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Strengthen the Bust

Carrot forms have a bigger chest, so seek underwiring or halter styles with plenty of support and coverage in swimsuits or bikini tops.