Wearing Shapewear in a Variety of ways


Shapewear is designed to provide the proper amount of compression for your bust, waist, hips, and thighs, and it can dramatically improve your appearance. Although most women wear shapewear as an inner layer, hidden behind their outerwear, this isn’t always the case. Shapewear can be worn as your main piece of apparel and still look great.

Shapewear will not change your body shape; it will merely smooth out your natural curves and give you a good, clean appearance. Let’s have a look at the different shapewear style options available.

1) Shapewear for the thighs

These thigh shapers will give your thighs a toned appearance. To target the thighs and the tummy and waist areas, a high waist thigh shaper is a good option. Thigh shapers are typically worn under jeans or body-hugging clothing but can also be worn as outerwear.

Cropped tops with thigh shapers, high heels, and an oversized blazer can look amazing. Thigh shapers can also be worn with boxy jackets or T-shirts, with a pair of fashionable sneakers to complete the style.

Thigh shapers can also be used with slit midi dresses or sarongs, with a belt around the waist-worn over a little loose top or a spaghetti top and a pair of heels. If you want to be more formal, add a blazer.

2) Briefs with a Bikini Shaper

You may not want to go out in a bikini brief, but you can use these shapers with anything from shorts and trousers to skirts and dresses. For example, wear a high-waisted bikini shaper with a cropped top or a button-down shirt, with a striking belt worn over the shirt. It also looks great with a shirt dress and your favorite flats.

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Bikini shapers can also be worn with a jacket or open cardigan over a sheer little dress and a bralette/tube top.

3) Boy Shorts Shaper Brief

Boy shorts shaper brief can cover flaps and assist keep the upper thigh in shape. Boy shorts shapers are available in high or low waist briefs and can be used with bodycon dresses, jeggings, shorts, or skirts.

The full covering is provided by a boy-shorts shaper brief, which can also be worn as shorts when going out. Boy short shapers can be worn with sheer skirts and T-shirts, or as training shorts in the gym; add a tank top to turn it into a cycling suit.

4) Tummy Tucker Panties

Stomach tuckers are designed to control tummy flaps, as the name suggests. As they’re often known, Tummy shapers are best worn under T-shirts, tops, sweaters, or camisoles. If you’re wearing high-rise pants or skirts with tops, a high waist panty shapewear alternative would be to take care of both the tummy and bottom shapes.

Tummy tuckers with a high height can also be worn as outerwear. For example, for a hot and chic appearance, match it with pantyhose, a bralette top/T-shirt, thigh-high boots, and a jacket.

5) Full Body Suit

A tailored dress would require control around the hip and thigh areas and the belly area like tummy shapewear does. In that scenario, you should choose shapewear designed to be worn with fitted dresses/gowns to achieve a smooth overall contour. That’s where full bodysuit shapewear comes in: it helps to draw attention to your natural curves.

Body Suit shapewear is increasingly being used as outerwear, and when done well, it looks fantastic. As a result, you may now boldly wear a complete bodysuit shaper without covering it with outerwear. It can be worn as a shirt with jeans or slacks or paired with a button-up denim skirt or shorts. On top of the bodysuit, you can layer a jacket. It also looks great with leather pants and jackets, as seen on the Kardashians!

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6) Shaper Brief for Hipsters

Boy shorts are similar to hipsters. Hipsters have low-cut leg holes and sit a bit below the waist on your hips, similar to boy shorts. Hipster shaper briefs provide your bottom with a wider shape, which helps to emphasize your silhouette when wearing tight clothing.

You may achieve the ‘no pants kurta’ appearance by wearing a hipster shaper brief with a kurta. Then, wear it on the beach with a tunic and flats.

Forgoing out, there are a few shapewear-style alternatives. Don’t be frightened to try new things!