The Different Types of Plus Size Shapewear and Purchasing Tips


Shapeyouwear Shapewear has a large range of styles designed exclusively for plus-size women. Even the most eager shopper might become overwhelmed when faced with so many options, so we’ve compiled a list of helpful shapewear buying ideas and methods to help you get the results you want.

Always double-check your measurements

Because different companies have different sizing charts, don’t rely on guesswork to determine your correct size. Review the sizing information on each garment for the most accurate fit, and don’t be afraid to size up if necessary. You are the only one who knows your size, and a good fit is a flattering fit.

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Consider your body’s specific requirements

Are you looking for waist slimming shapewear, or are you more concerned with your thighs and hips? Do you need a specific bra for a special event, or are you seeking an all-around body shaper that smooths and defines your features? Knowing your precise requirements will make purchasing easier, as many shapewear garments address many difficulties in one clever design.

Purchase the appropriate size for your frame

It’s all too easy to size down, and many people believe that wearing tighter shapewear would make you look even thinner in your clothes. The truth is that ill-fitting shapers won’t fit properly and are more prone to bunch or roll down, resulting in an unsightly appearance. Purchasing the size that corresponds to your proportions will save you time and effort.

Learn about the various alternatives available to you

Oh, the torsolettes, brasselettes, and bralettes! In the world of shapewear, there are so many alternatives, which is fantastic! When you’re unsure what each design is capable of or which piece is appropriate for your specific aims, multiple style variations can be frightening. Relax with a cup of coffee while viewing the primary designs offered on our website. Click through our categories for numerous figure-shaping options such as waist-cinchers, post-surgical garments, anti-cellulite technology, and butt lifters to tackle specific needs.

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Make no compromises in terms of appearance or comfort

Shapewear should elongate rather than smother your figure. For a shaping option that is both effective and comfortable, look for soft and cuddly fabrics like microfiber and cotton. We also have sultry and fashionable lingerie and clothing styles to help you sculpt your figure and wardrobe.