The Best Ways to Wear Shapewear Under a Lehenga


Most of you are going the extra mile at the gym and at home to stay in shape for the season, but trust us when we say that a few love handles never hurt anyone. Especially if you’re wearing suitable Shapewear for the outfit, choosing the perfect Shapewear for Indian clothes like Saris, Lehengas, and Maxi Skirts, on the other hand, might be difficult. In fact, because of the shorter blouse style and visible waistline, it is a little more challenging in the case of Lehengas.

Ladies, don’t get worked up! We’ve compiled a list of the most popular Shapewear tips to help you discover the right answer to this frequently asked question. In a Lehenga, how do you cover your stomach?

What Is the Best Way to Look Slim in Lehengas?

One of the most popular and timeless Indian dresses is the lehenga choli. When wearing one, though, if you don’t get the appropriate fit and silhouette, you could wind up looking unkempt and overweight. This is why you require Shapewear – for a perfect fit and silhouette! Shapewear can make you look neater and smaller in addition to emphasizing your contours. It effectively distributes belly fat around your waist and midsection, resulting in a tighter look with ease. Shapewear will always compliment your body and give you a smoother finish under your clothes, regardless of your body type.

In Shapewear, How to Hide Your Belly

Wearing Lehenga Tips, You Should Know

  • A Tummy-Tucker or a Hip-Tucker can be your best bet if you’re wondering about how to hide your belly in a Lehenga. Tummy-tuckers are designed to trim your lower belly and conceal any bulges that prevent you from flashing your curves like a diva!
  • Pay special attention to the cut of your Lehenga if you want to appear thinner. This is where true magic happens. A Lehenga with a paneled skirt pattern, in all likelihood, looks best on all body types. More panels in your Lehenga, along with well-fitted Shapewear, ensure that your waistline is tapered and all extra bulges are hidden.
  • The color you choose for your Shapewear is essential. Keep in mind that darker colors have a slimming impact on the body. So, if you’re looking for Shapewear in black, navy blue, green, or maroon, look no further. The idea is to match it as closely as possible to your clothing. To be on the safe side, you can go with a nude color. Regardless of the color of your clothes, this would not be out of place.
  • The color of your Shapewear, as well as the color of your Lehenga Choli, should be taken into account. A monochromatic Lehenga offers a sense of uniformity across your outfit and helps you appear slimmer.
  • You might also try hiding your Lehenga with concealer. Take, for instance, a Dupatta! Adding a beautiful Dupatta to your Lehenga Choli might add to your panache. It also draws attention away from your waistline. To conceal your stomach bulge, drape it like a saree. For an even more attractive look, drape two Dupattas – one across your waistline and the other on your head.
  • Last but not least, make a statement by wearing heels and standing tall! Nothing beats mastering proper posture when wearing a Lehenga.
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Is it possible to wear saree shapewear under a lehenga?

Yes, you certainly can! Shapewear sarees are quite comfortable to wear. They also flatter your curves like no other and tastefully match your Lehenga. Saree Shapewear from Shapyouwear is a great alternative to a cumbersome petticoat. They’re made to draw attention to your figure and provide extra support at the waist. They’d also smooth out any lumps and bumps underneath your Lehenga, leaving you with a seamless and perfect finish.

What is the Best Way to Wear Shapewear Under a Lehenga?

When it comes to Shapewear, Shapyouwear is a one-stop-shop. Our seamless Shapewear range is designed for all-day comfort.

They’re quite adaptable and functional, and the good news is that they come in a variety of colors.

We have something for everyone at our store, from catering to pear-shaped and apple-shaped bodies to bodies with a larger structure! Get a clear understanding of the Lehenga pattern, style, and design you’ll be wearing before choosing your Shapewear. Don’t be concerned about your movement or comfort! Our Shapewear is comfortable to wear for lengthy periods. They’d feel like they were wearing your second skin.

So, women, don’t let a minor flaw ruin your seductive desi girl aura. Next time you’re worried about how to hide your belly in a Lehenga, turn to Shapewear for help.


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