The Best Way to Keep Shapewear from Rolling Down


Imagine leaving your house for a party looking chic and ready to slay, only to spend the evening messing with your Shapewear because it won’t stay in place and keeps rolling down. Your ideal silhouette has been shattered! Oh! What a downer!

Shapewear rolldown is a difficult problem to solve, but what if we told you we have the right method to solve it once and for all? Take a look at the five helpful hints below, and voila! The Shapewear rolldown is no longer an option!

1. Spend money on high-quality Shapewear 

If you choose high-quality Shapewear from a reputable lingerie manufacturer, you may greatly reduce the amount of undesirable rolldown and slippage of Shapewear. Zivame’s Shapewear collection, for example, is made of high-quality fabric that is not only long-lasting and gentle on the skin but also resists rolldown.

2. Stay true to your size 

When shopping for Shapewear, be honest with yourself and not scale down. The problem is not solved by wearing a smaller size. If the Shapewear is too small, it will roll down even more. It’ll inevitably cause bumps in the incorrect locations, and, worse, it’ll draw all attention to those spots! As a result, getting correctly measured and obtaining the perfect size is critical for a superb fit.

3. Choose a Shapewear with a Non-Slip Silicone Strip

Shapewear with a silicone strap across the waistband ensures a secure fit. In addition, it assists you in remaining confident and comfortable when wearing Shapewear for an extended period.

4. Try on an Over-the-Shoulder Body Slimmer with Straps

Get yourself an over-the-shoulder body slimmer with straps that provides extra support and help to smooth down the tummy and waistline. This eliminates the possibility of an unintentional rolldown.

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5. Pair It Proper

To minimize the problem of rolldown, make sure you’re wearing the right Shapewear with your outerwear, such as a Thigh Shaper for pencil skirts and thigh hugging pants, Bodysuits for bodycon dresses, and fitting kurtis, and Tummy Tucker panties for trousers and linen pants. Make that you have the appropriate Shapewear for your various outfits. A one-size-fits-all strategy isn’t going to work.