Shapewear Guide: Various Shapewears for a Variety of Outfits

Various Shapewears for a Variety of Outfits

No way, girl! It would help if you created your shapewear wardrobe in the same way that you would your bra collection. There’s a different style for each outfit, and Shapewear is designed to target specific areas. Some are only for the stomach, while others target the thighs, buttocks, and other areas. Let’s start from the beginning.

Here are the various types of women’s body shapewear.

1. Full Body Shapewear

These smooth down the lumps and trouble areas throughout your entire mid-section, and it helps shape and keep you comfortable from the bust down to the tummy and hips. This might also feature a built-in bra that you can purchase according to your size and ensure a proper fit.

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Apple, hourglass, and pear body types

Combine it with: Dresses, skirts, pants, and jumpsuits benefit from its all-over support.

2. Bust Shapewear

This increases your bust line by giving it the correct form, in addition to the usefulness of your push-up bra. It also provides full support, has a natural appearance, and should be purchased according to your bra size.

Hourglass and apple body types

Wear it with –Tees, dresses, and clingy materials – it displays sleek lines and a wonderful silhouette.

3. Thigh Shapewear

It helps to shape your lower body and provides good thigh support. To avoid rolling and moving, the best thigh shapers have a specific grip or band at the bottom of the leg.

Hourglass and pear body types

Combine it with Slim-fitting pants, shorts, and skirts to benefit from this undergarment.

4. Tummy Shapewear

It has a support strap across the front of the brief, hipster, or thong, flattening the tummy for a toned and defined look.

Pear and hourglass body shapes

Combine it with –

This popular Shapewear is flexible, comfy, and simple to wear – plus, it goes with everything!

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5. Saree Shapewear

The latest trend is saree shapewear, which gives you a beautiful mermaid-like body while you wear your favorite saree with style. To go with your saree collection, there are a variety of colors to pick from.

Pear and hourglass body shapes

Combine it with –

This versatile, relaxing, and easy-to-wear saree shapewear can be used under sarees, lehengas, and gowns to achieve the much-desired mermaid figure.