Shapewear for Postpartum Women 101: The Fundamentals

Shapewear for Postpartum Women

Now that you’ve brought your adorable baby into the world, it’s time to refresh your wardrobe with some fresh staples that will keep you feeling comfortable and motivated every day. Looking and feeling your best may boost your mood and give you the energy you need to get through even the busiest days.

Great shapewear that can slip underneath your clothes is one of the simplest ways to spice up items you already own. In a matter of seconds, it can instantly boost any look! In this article, we’ll show you how to pick the finest postpartum shapewear for your body type that will make you look and feel great.

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How Can Postpartum Shapewear Help You? 

Postpartum shapewear isn’t just about how you appear; it’s also about how you function. It can make you feel more at ease in your regular clothes.

If you’ve recently given birth, here are a few advantages of shapewear:

  • Post-maternity shapewear aids in the recovery of your body to its pre-pregnancy shape. The added abdominal support will come in handy!
  • Shapewear can also make you feel more at ease during your first few weeks after giving birth, giving you one less item to worry about.
  • Did you have to have a C-section? Shapewear acts as a buffer between your stitches and your regular clothes, allowing you to focus on what matters most (your new baby!) rather than what doesn’t (your C-section scar).
  • Postpartum shapewear can also assist you in regaining your pre-pregnancy posture by serving as a gentle reminder to widen your shoulders, sit up straight, and be proud of your parenthood journey.
  • Do you have aches and pains in your back? It’s perfectly normal, so don’t be concerned. This is unmistakably tied to the changes in the posture you experienced during your pregnancy. Shapewear can help relieve back pain while also reminding you to stand tall.
  • Any outfit can benefit from the use of shapewear. Wearing shapewear after pregnancy might make you feel more secure and prepared during these unpredictable yet magical times if you need to be out and about (or are returning to work).

So, what’s the finest post-pregnancy shapewear? I’m glad you inquired!

What Is the Function of Post-Pregnancy Shapewear?

Postpartum maternity shapewear supporting your back and retraining your muscles to shrink back to your previous, thinner shape is essential. It will also provide you with additional support during breastfeeding and relieve pressure on your legs and back.

Diastasis Recti, a frequent condition after giving birth in which your abdominal halves have divided while pregnant, has been treated using postpartum body shapers for ages. Postpartum shapewear wraps over that mama’s tummy, compressing your blood vessels and capillaries and draining fluids away from your skin, reducing swelling after giving birth.

How to Pick the Best Shapewear for Postpartum Recovery

Are you prepared to reap the rewards of your pre-pregnancy shapewear? There’s no reason why you can’t start this new chapter in your life with the shapewear you’ve grown to love. However, if you’re pregnant, you should avoid wearing shapewear. Your baby’s development may be harmed as a result of the compression. It’s always a good idea to visit your doctor if you’re unsure.

That being said, here’s a simple guide to help you figure out if your pre-pregnancy shapewear can now serve as postpartum shapewear (or what to look for when shopping for new shapewear once the baby arrives!).

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1. What Does Your Postpartum Shapewear Look Like Under Your Clothes?

You won’t be bringing out your bodycon dresses anytime soon after giving birth, but you will want to keep an eye out for thin, breathable post-pregnancy shapewear.

Shapewear should never be visible under your clothes as a general rule. Look for something like the Empetua shaper panty, which will give you the compression you need while being discreet.

2. Is it difficult to put on shapewear?

Have you ever fought your way into a soaked swimsuit? It shouldn’t be like that when you put on your postpartum body shaper – there’s no reason to feel like you’ve just finished a full cardio exercise every time you go to the bathroom.

Don’t be disheartened if you need to go up a size before slipping into your previous shapewear. Remember: you want to feel compression while remaining comfortable! Allow your body to be patient with you.

3. Does it cling to the wall?

Life is already full of irritating annoyances. Wearing shapewear that slips and shifts about will not add another one. You’ve got enough on your plate with your new kid without having to constantly modify your pregnant shapewear.

As a result, make sure your new postpartum shapewear stays in place for as long as you need it. Most firms offer shapewear with anti-slip silicone bands to keep their goods from rolling down, but an open-bust bodysuit is also an option. Full-body compression is provided by these garments, like this Empetua bodysuit, yet your breasts are left exposed for convenient breastfeeding access.

4. Is there Enough Compression?

You want post-pregnancy shapewear that offers good compression without squeezing the life out of you. You’ve just given birth, so be kind to yourself! If you’re itching to take off your shapewear after just an hour, it’s safe to assume you need a little less compression. Remember, this isn’t a tool to make you appear better by hiding, tucking, or squeezing – it’s just a tool to keep everything centered and in place while your body heals.

5. Can you tell if the fabric is breathable?

Materials that are easy to breathe are a must. You’ll notice that you sweat a lot more after childbirth due to your body releasing surplus fluids that you were keeping while pregnant. Look for breathable and lightweight fabrics, and steer clear of ones that include a lot of latex.

Should You Have a C-Section If You Wear Shapewear?

Postpartum shapewear is especially beneficial for mothers who have recently or previously had C-sections. Most women start wearing shapewear shortly after surgery to keep their sutures from getting caught in their garments and help with pain relief in the incision region. Most moms will start wearing shapewear 2-3 months after giving birth for these reasons.

On the other hand, other C-section moms are not uncommon in continuing to wear shapewear after giving delivery. C-sections are known for their “pouch,” which occurs when the skin on the stomach folds over at the incision line. Many women with this “pouch” prefer to wear shapewear as a method to feel confident in whatever clothes they wear while relearning to accept their bodies.

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