Shameless Shapewear Comes in a Variety of Styles

Shameless Shapewear Comes in a Variety of Styles

Types of Shameless Shapewear

Shapewear has gone a long way since its conception, and the days of feeling self-conscious or self-conscious about wearing it are happily fading away. Why not start with some of our shameless shapewear items if you’re a shapewear rookie who’s a little hesitant to try it out? The only one who knows your secret is us, thanks to unexpected twists on old favorites like denim and bathing suits… and we’re not going to tell!


Bikini season is unquestionably stressful, but swim shapewear takes away all of the beach jitters. You don’t have to let your bikini worries ruin your trip with everything from control swimwear and sporty one-pieces to two-piece suits and cover-ups.

Sundresses With our selection of shape sundresses, you can appear picture-perfect while staying cool in the summer sun. The loose, knee-length hemline flatters your hips and thighs, while the smocked bodice pattern showcases your breast.


We wear jeans all the time, so why not invest in a pair that flatters us? Leg-lengthening, high-rise fits, and butt-lifting support are available in our Colombian Jeans collection to make your legs and derriere seem amazing. For optimum wardrobe versatility, try these overachieving designs in a variety of colors and lengths.


Love the slimming appearance of hosiery but can’t wear open-toed shoes? We provide a selection of toeless stockings for when you need it most — during the leg-bearing months of summer! In the cooler months, use stylish tights with polka dots or bright colors to slim your bottom half while complimenting your clothing in style.

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In our selection of sensual sleepwear styles, you may retire for the night and wake up feeling fantastic the next morning. You’ll feel well-dressed for your evening slumber in anything from curve-enhancing chemises and figure-hugging bodysuits to modest nightgowns and soft sleep shirts.


While you’re working out, keep your physique looking toned! Our sportswear necessities give you the confidence and comfort you need to succeed in your fitness goals, plus they’re fashionable enough to make you want to go to the gym.

There’s no reason to be embarrassed about using shapewear to improve your appearance. It’s all about “improving your body and highlighting your good spots,” as gorgeous Australian singer and songwriter Ricki-Lee Coulter puts it. Shapewear isn’t the ugliness and embarrassment that it formerly was – it’s now sexy.” We couldn’t be more in agreement.