Saree Shapewear Vs. Traditional Petticoat


Sarees have been updated for today’s fashionable Indian woman. They can be worn instead of cocktail gowns, slipped on like a dress, and even come with pleats already sewn in. Why, if sarees have evolved to meet the changing tastes of modern Indian women, have they abandoned the petticoat? Fortunately, we are up to date! The new Saree Shapewear from ShapeYouWear is everything you need in a modern underskirt. This is how it differs from a traditional petticoat:

The Saree Shapewear, unlike the traditional petticoat, is seamless, pleat-free, and without strings. This style underskirt is smooth and flattering, giving you an hourglass figure. Remember how your petticoat strings cling to your tummy and spoil your shape? On the other hand, the Saree Shapewear is built with a thick waistline rather than strings, so there’s no chance of that happening. This belt maintains your tummy smooth, keeps your saree in place for long periods, and keeps you chafe-free and comfortable all day!

Isn’t it true that the petticoat is only an underskirt? The Saree Shapewear is not only a step forward, but it is also Shapewear! With the Saree Shapewear, you may now lose a few inches in minutes. If you want a thinner silhouette, choose from medium or high-compression Saree Shapewear. This underskirt tucks in your tummy solves love handles, extends your back, and tightens your thighs all at the same time! That’s not your ordinary petticoat.

Petticoats are a pain to wear and move around in. Thus many ladies avoid wearing sarees. All of this is fixed with the Saree Shapewear. It is really pleasant to wear (composed of the softest fabric), and the side slit/flared style allows for effortless movement. If you prefer to be comfortable, try the low-compression Saree Shapewear, which may be worn all day without causing discomfort.

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Plus, there’s more. You’ll never have to rush to the tailor to obtain the ideal fit with Saree Shapewear. The Saree Shapewear suits all sizes from XS to 2XL, whether you’re curvy or petite. Saree Shapewear can also be worn under several clothes, including gowns, long dresses, Ghagharas, Lehengas, and, of course, sarees.

The Saree Shapewear outperforms the traditional petticoat for women. Upgrade to the Saree Shapewear, the new-age underskirt, and enjoy your saree-wearing experience like never before!


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