How to Wear a Saree With a Shapewear

how to wear a saree with shapewear

Here we can see “How to Wear a Saree With a Shapewear”

Everything You Need To Know About Saree Shapewear

When it comes to cultural wear, Sarees are a must-have item for any Indian woman. Traditional cotton petticoats, on the other hand, make ladies appear larger than they are. But, when it comes to sarees, how do you make yourself appear slimmer? Fortunately, a saree shapewear will do the trick. You’ve only ever heard of the standard saree petticoats all these years, haven’t you?

What is a Saree Shapewear?

A saree may be difficult to wear, but wearing saree shapewear is not. Having a skirt-like style, it’s comfortable to wear and makes you appear thinner and toned. A person merely has to let go and let the magic happen. This is the simplest way to appear skinny in a Saree.

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What Are the Benefits of Saree Shapewear?

Seamless Waistband

Your sensitive skin will be soothed by the waistline, which is completely seamless. Traditional tie-up petticoats can cause rashes and irritation, but this one does not. And it can handle everything from lightweight chiffon to heavyweight silk when it comes to holding your saree’s pleats together.

Targetted Compression

Targeted compression in the back, waist, hips, and thighs makes them appear toned and voluptuous with this shapewear.


Traditional cotton petticoats can be replaced with this shapewear. When it comes to your new figure, you can either wear it as an undergarment or throw a Saree over it and show off your new slender shape. Saree shapewear can also be worn as an undergarment to enhance the shape of your petticoat. In terms of bulk, the cloth is so light and breathable that it doesn’t contribute. Underneath fitting gowns and other western attire, these can also be worn.

The Ease of Use

They have a mermaid-like design thanks to a side slit that allows for simple mobility. It’s made of a stretchy polyamide that accentuates your best features. To ensure that the shapewear moves with you, the spandex fabric is used.

Drawstring Fastening

Shapewear with drawstring fastening is ideal for heavy work sarees that need a more secure grasp. So you get all the advantages of a saree shapewear plus a better, more personalized grip.

Mix n’ Match

These saree shapewear styles come in various colors so that you may wear them with any of your Sarees.

Choosing a Saree Shapewear: What to Look for?

There are a few things to bear in mind before attempting to attain the ultimate desi diva appearance.

Stay True to Size

Choosing a smaller size of shapewear is a common belief among many of us. But I can assure you, ladies, that’s not the case. Because of this, wearing a small or an inappropriate size might cause muffin tops and side bulges. In addition, wearing the wrong size for an extended period can result in numerous health problems. To get the best saree shapewear online, you need to take your measurements.

Choosing the right color is essential.

Consider the color of your saree when choosing a color for your shapewear. Contrasting coloured shapewear can be a fashion faux pas. Shapewear can be purchased online and in a variety of colors.

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Saree Shapewear: How Do I Wear It?

It’s a breeze to put on, thanks to the skirt-like slip-on design. It’s as simple as slipping into it, and you can lose up to 2 inches in a matter of seconds. Make sure the saree shapewear’s specific panels embrace your curves in the correct spots. This means that your saree can be draped over it with ease. You can learn how to wear a Saree from instructions on the internet if you’re a beginner. Ready to be the center of attention, you’ve prepared yourself.

A saree shapewear can be worn under a petticoat and draped over a saree if you’ve always worn the standard cotton petticoat. However, a petticoat alone would not give you the same effect.