From Flab to Fabulous-Shapewear to the Rescue!

From Flab to Fabulous-Shapewear to the Rescue!

It’s perplexing how many women are still on the fence about wearing shapewear. Clothing from the past is still regarded of as unpleasant, body-numbing, or ‘too-tight’! When it comes to shapewear, technology has advanced significantly in recent years, and comfort is a top consideration for modern makers.

The majority of you find it difficult to find the proper kind of shapewear. It is, however, a cakewalk if you pay attention to the fundamentals.

We’re here to alleviate all of your concerns. Continue reading…

First Measure Yourself: Given that the majority of modern shapewear is custom-made for comfort, don’t go recommending any that are too tight. For the greatest results, stay loyal to your size.

Shapewear Controls of Various Types

For regular wear, choose light and medium control to simply smooth out those apparent pantyhose and bra lines. Choose firm and extra-strong degrees of control if you plan to wear figure-hugging dresses.

Shapewear can range from extremely light to extremely firm, depending on its construction and your needs. The ‘levels’ allow you to select the type of control you want.

1. Light Control: This style provides for a lot of shaping and smoothness without a lot of binding.

2. Moderate Control: This type has more flexible and built-in light control panels in theory. For health reasons, such shapewear can only be worn for eight hours at a time.

3. Firm Control: These are appropriate for problem areas that require immediate attention. They have non-stretch panels that keep any undesirable shapes at bay. Despite their comfort, these styles should not be worn all day.

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4. Extra Firm Control: This is the most supportive shapewear available. These have the classic reinforced panels and, more often than not, metal boning.

What is the most troublesome part of your body?

Identify the bulgy areas of your body that need to be toned and skimmed right away. You likely have more than one of these types of places. Don’t be alarmed; just take a deep breath.

The Basic Types: The Whole Body

Full body shapers are a wonder undergarment that instantly shapes your feminine contours. They usually come down to the knee area and may incorporate bra straps and bra cups. The full body shaper is your saviour if you want complete coverage.

Put me on with:

  • Dresses that hug the body
  • Evening attire
  • Cocktail dresses

Bodysuits serve to smooth out the tummy, lift up the breasts, and smooth out the bottoms, resulting in a smoother appearance. For increased support, these may come with an integrated bra. There are various cupless styles available. Wear me with: a slouchy tee and a pair

Tops, tanks, and fitted tops are all popular choices.

Traditional Indian attire ( great to be worn under kurtis )



Some bodices do not have a gusset opening. It would be inconvenient every time you needed to use the restroom! With bodysuits, a gusset opening is a godsend.

Corsets are a type of vintage clothing that has never gone out of style! These smooth out any fatty bulges and give you an attractive skimmed-body shape when worn under dresses and skirts. Stocking clips may be used to keep them in place. Here, an attached bra is a possibility. Put me on with:

  • Traditional Indian attire for a lovely hourglass figure
  • Summer outfits
  • Wear to the office
  • Under the shirts, there’s a flattering look.
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Tip for styling:

  • Use those ritzy corsets as outerwear or in the bedroom.
  • Pair them with denim or a skirt for a Western style. If you’re feeling timid, add a jacket on top.
  • These look fantastic with saris as blouses for an Indian look.

Secrets of the Bedroom:

Simply pair them with garters, stockings, and sky-high heels to take over your man’s world.

The upper chest is smoothed and any belly fat is flattened using these shapers. With these camisoles, those awkward muffin tops will vanish in an instant! These are quite comfy and may contain bra cut-outs, allowing you to choose your own bra. Put me on with:

T-shirts or tank tops

  • Blouses or shirts made of flowy chiffon or georgette
  • Anarkalis are traditional Indian dresses.
  • Wear Longline Bras and Bustiers under your business clothes.

A back-bra fat bulge is horrible, obliterating all semblance of grace in your attire. Bustiers have arrived to save the day! These smooth up the back and support the busts while avoiding the bra line. Longline bras are essential for ladies with larger busts because they provide the most support. Put me on with:

For a smooth back, wear cholis, sari blouses, and salwar suits.

Dresses with a more fitting chest area for casual occasions

Typical workplace attire

Shorts and Leggings for Slimming

The typical Indian woman has a large shape, with thicker bottoms and broad thighs. A pair of shaping shorts lifts the buttocks while also smoothing up the thighs. These are available in a variety of lengths, including ankle, knee, and mid-thigh. Put me on with:

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Denims or slim-fitting skirts

Summer outfits

Cocktail or evening gowns

For a smooth hip area, wear saris or lehngas.

Dresses with a shirt

Briefings on Control

Control briefs and boy shorts are essential shaping apparel to have in your collection for any occasion. These give your bottoms a little lift while also reducing muffin tops and belly bulges. These shapewear supports range from light to stiff and are ideal for women who are new to wearing shapewear. Put me on with:

Anything and everything is acceptable.

Put on something comfortable.

Wearing traditional clothing

Suitable for everyday use

Wear to a party

Technology that works in the background:

If you want to opt for a flawlessly unnoticeable shapewear, seamless ones are the way to go. With the use of highly specialised computerised knitting machines, these shapers use innovative knit technology. There are no stitches or seams on these clothing, therefore they don’t show! They adhere to body contours well and create a faultless and smooth finish. Shapewear makers and fans all over the world are embracing the technology.