Buying Guide for Plus Size Shapewear


One of the best aspects of shapewear is that anyone can wear it! There are contouring alternatives to accommodate and flatter your build, whether you’re small, tall like an Amazon, or athletically powerful. Plus-size models have a plethora of options to pick from as well. We’ll go over some of the most popular plus-size shapewear options and how to make the most of them!

Full-Body Shapers

Try a garment that tackles numerous regions at once for a handy all-in-one investment. Slips and bodysuits with full-body shaping target the waist, hips, buttocks, and thighs for a streamlined appearance all over.

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Open Chest Shapers

This style is especially useful if you have a specific bra size in mind. The open chest design lets you wear any bra you want, allowing you complete versatility. It’s also helpful when selecting a bra to fit a specific neckline.

Waist Cinchers

Various shapes can help you tighten or smooth your stomach area. Girdles and waist cinchers use strong compression to radically reshape your core, making them great for cinching your waist for an hourglass effect. Compression belts, abdominal bands, and high-waisted shaping slips and panties can provide the amounts of control you require if you prefer lighter compression that smooths out any rolls or bulges.

Lower Body Shapers

Lower body shapers that target most women’s key difficulty spots: the hips and thighs, efficiently balance your upper and lower bodies. Shaping briefs and compression slips tighten the bottom half of your body and are available in various leg lengths to meet your coverage and styling requirements.

Butt Lifters

Shapers that elevate, reduce, or maximize your behind, depending on your preferences. Several full-body shapers have rear cut-outs that serve to elevate and exaggerate a flat tush, while others smooth and curve the buttocks. Padded underwear can provide realistic curves to a shapeless bottom if you want to balance your backside with your bust.

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Minimizing Bras

A minimizing bra is a great option if you have a large cup size and want to hide it behind a button-down blouse or a tight sweater. These bras have a mild compression and shaping structure that helps to minimize bust bulk.

Arm Shapers 

As women become older, they often develop loose skin and a lack of definition along with their triceps, making it difficult to keep the upper arms looking tidy. Arm shapers use compression sleeves to smooth and tighten this troublesome area. These shapers also wrap around the upper area of the back to help reduce back fat and bra bulges.