Bridal Shapewear Quick Checklist

Bridal Shapewear Quick Checklist

Fun fact: Our Backless Body Shaper is widely regarded as a must-have for weddings, especially when worn with a wedding gown. Have you given it a shot yet?

Did you know that the key to looking confident is to feel confident as well?

When you’re at your most beautiful, you’ll exude beauty as you’ve never seen before. That is the real key to looking more gorgeous than you have in the past.

Thankfully, the proper piece of shapewear under your wedding gown is a surefire way to feel and look even more beautiful and confident on your wedding day.

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A hidden item of shapewear will work its magic, hidden beneath your costume, and give your look and confidence the ‘wow’ element, no matter what bridal style you choose or which areas of the body you want to emphasise and smooth. But how can you pick the correct piece when there are so many options and styles?

Here’s how to find the ideal bridal shapewear to complement your wedding gown.

Look for shapewear that will blend in perfectly with your dress.

You want your dress to seem effortless elegant on your wedding day, therefore depending on the shape and style of your gown, there is a piece of shapewear that will work underneath it – and go completely unnoticed. Do you like to dress in a slim, form-fitting style?

A Tummy Control Bodysuit clings to your stomach and smooths out everything beneath it. Do you want to go strapless? A Tummy Control Thong smooths out your tummy area without exposing any straps. Even going without a back? Even when you’re backless, our best-selling Backless Body Shaper will keep you supported.

Choose shapewear that is both comfortable and supportive.

Of course, you want your shapewear to smooth, contour, and support you in all the right places. But it’s also crucial that it’s comfortable for you; your wedding should be about enjoying your day and sharing your love with people closest to you, not about feeling restricted or uneasy. Bridal shapewear is made to feel like a second skin, moving with you rather than against you, and is ideal for sitting down to eat, stretching to raise a toast, and dancing the night away at your wedding reception – all while keeping everything in place. Even better, many of Bridal‘s best-selling gowns have a hook-and-eye crotch fastening, which makes going to the restroom while wearing it a breeze. If you’re in the know, you’re in the know.

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Panty Lines Cannot Be Seen.

Choose a style that won’t show through your dress, especially if you’re wearing a form-fitting wedding gown. The Bridal Backless Body Shaper and the Sheer Sculpt Bodysuit are two examples of shapewear designs. Thongs have a seamless thong back to avoid a camel toe’s appearance and blend in with the rear of the dress.

You’ve learned a few things now. Are you ready to do some research to determine if Bridal is a suitable fit for you? Let’s get started!